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Goodbye Eternity is a point-and-click, adventure game with elements of visual novel and dating sim.

You have the possibility to have several paths when you interact with people, especially with women, depending on your actions and answers, the story will be different.

The game is currently under development and a lot of content is planned in updates that will depend on Patreon funding. Ideally, we would like to release a new version every 3 to 4 months

You can follow the progress of the project and discuss it with the community on Discord. 

 discord extralife        patreon extralife

What if you had a new chance in life? What if you could make it better than all those years of misery and harassment? 

What if you could get revenge on all the people who wronged you and get what you always desired.... 

What will you do, with this chance as you wake up in a youthful body, thirty years in the past? The choice is yours.

- Explore the huge city of Nyoto
- Make your first choices that will determine how the adventure will unfold with Noriko and Yasuka.
- The opportunity to rename absolutely all the characters you meet.
- A neat animated interface
- Sumptuous backgrounds available in 3 versions (morning/evening/night)
- An integrated walkthrough, impossible to get lost.
- Many secrets hidden in the background
- A Fantasy story in a modern time to discover.

Updated 10 days ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android
Release date May 13, 2021
Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(1,211 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel
Made withRen'Py
Tags2D, Adult, Anime, Erotic, Hentai, Manga, Point & Click, Ren'Py, Singleplayer
Average sessionA few hours
LanguagesEnglish, French


Buy Now$10.00 USD or more

In order to download this Game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $10 USD. You will get access to the following files:

GoodbyeEternity-0.6.91-mac-animated.zip 799 MB
GoodbyeEternity-0.6.91-pc-animated.zip 814 MB
GoodbyeEternity-0.6.91-android-animated.apk 834 MB

Download demo

Goodbye Eternity - 0.5.9 - PC - Animated.zip 727 MB
Goodbye Eternity - 0.5.9 - Android - Animated.apk 730 MB
Goodbye Eternity - 0.5.9 - mac - Animated.zip 692 MB

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How can we translate the latest version? I couldn't find the "How to translate by RNGeusEX" file in the latest version. QAQ

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Translations are done by the community, this is the tool we use:


Also join our Discord, here's the translation thread.

Wish there were items/cloths and outfits to buy and stats to grind. Otherwise love the game.

Hello I was wondering if Sakuya has more content than the last free one you published? If so I'd buy it in a heartbeat.


Sakuya doesn't have any content at the moment,  But the upcoming update is dedicated to her, so you can expect good stuff.

Nice! Any ideas when are we getting the next update?


june 3rd

If I buy the game am I also getting the future updates or do I have to repurchase?


You only have to pay once  and you can freely download all newer versions.

can you move your save files through updates

Yup usually you can.

Will there be new characters in the new story?

maybe more than one?


Update 🥲 waiting. Patience. Just a little longer


Didn't you originally release this game for free by the name of Extra Life? I mean unless I'm mistaken and this is not the same author when which case you ripped off the other game the main character has has to go training at the park with a brother dude with a black afro who's built with huge muscles who chases after him and constantly threatens to shove a park bench up his backside if he's too slow


its the same dude he didn't copy or steal anyone's work chill

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Apparently you didn't read the first sentence did you? My  first sentence was didn't you originally release this game for free by the name of extra life....  Then I went on to say that it's not the case then this game has been stolen.


The game was offered for free at the beginning to make it known as much as possible. After that, it is not possible to proceed like that forever, backgrounds, sprites, animations, music, development, support, communication. All this has a cost.

Yes and no.  They could do what Runey (hotel harem) does. Basically offer for free but ask for donations. If the creator of this game doesn't get enough he can always say, due to fund shortages I am unable to continue this project. Or even offer patreon the game 30 or 60 days sooner. And extra art work. As an incentive to join patreon.


myb bro im sorry. but yeah what the creator said down below/upward is what i mean. sorry for misunderstanding.

All good, I just was trying to point out that either this game was already released for free. Or someone else ripped the game and turned it for profit.

how do I stop Yasuka from working as a hostess? what answer should I choose please.


You can go into the game settings, and enable “Path hints” :) it will tell you which choices lead to which character paths. Follow Yasuka’s love path and you’ll get what you’re looking for.



Really want to like this game but why hide anything behind a hidden click money thing in each picture. What a waste of good art. I think it turns more people away than you think. It does not force or funnel them into going to each scene and clicking the hidden money spots. It makes us put the game down  lol why even have cheat codes if you still have to do all that lol oh well

(1 edit) (-1)

Bruh if you're complaining about this trivial thing when it's easy to do  which you can just easily find the money in just 5 mminutes and what do you by "us" sure some might agree with you but for me it actually makes you look around what kind of hidden things are in the art and appreciate it because you have to look around to find the hidden money and I like that for that reason it's literally trivial and you don't really need the cheats from the current game version because you can't buy stuff so it's really trivial and I'm pretty sure there was a feature to reveal every hidden money location did you know that?


kinda bummed I wanna buy the game but it doesn’t accept the card I want to use :( 

I think PayPal should work, you can use your PayPal account if PayPal supports that card.

Where can I download the game ost pls??


full game or demo

its not a full full game but the demo is there

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I can't describe the amount of joy I got playing this , not talking about the +18 things , I'm talking directly about the History, I never got so involved with characters like this in a long time, the sensation of wanting to care for them and just see how the History evolves when at the same time try to prevent that white hair son of a good lady of doing some bullshit is just awesome.

I Know this message can sound weird or weeb but I just really liked the characters and the History itself and I guarantee that I plan on buying the game...it's a bit hard because 5 dollars on Brasil is like 50 of our money but I will get to it.

Above all that , I wish you guys to keep the good work but not overdue it because like macumba said, everybody needs a rest 

Ps: When I read that the name of the character was Macumba i laughed like my life was on the line.

I agree!


hope it doesn't get abandoned in the end


not a chance,

when next update

pls No

guys when i play the game everything work fine

until i get out of the house and try go to map the game crush.

do anyone know how to fix it

What do you want to express, I'm sorry I don't understand..

How many hours does It take if completed all?

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A few hours

yo bro can u send the hidden hints maps


I bought this game a while a go before the name change. Do I have to buy it again to get the latest update?


You should not have to buy the game again, scroll up to the top of this page and click on "Download", it'll give you a page where you can see all available downloads and should update with new ones when the update comes out. You should also have a link to your download page in your email.


Otherwise, go to your email and check for download link.

Thank you both for the help :

Is there a way to buy this without PayPal?

I didn't see other payments, is there any problems with PayPal, mate?


Yes. PayPal implemented a policy where they can fine you $2,000 USD if you buy something they disagree with. Look it up. PayPal policy controversy.


Personally i think you should continue doing skins mate, remember that what you're doing isn't charity. You should value your work and not listen to people who've done nothing in their life. Those are the people who don't understand that creators aren't charity workers. This is just an extra option to help you out financially and getting something out of it, to some it's nothing and to others it's adds a bit of fun.

Don't listen to people who are just out there to send hate, listen to those who support you.

We all know these broke fat fucks are just vicious because of their insecurities. Have a nice one mate :)

Deleted 23 days ago

I agree,this creator's work Goodbye Eternity deserves more encouragement


YES! The creators of this fcking game are geniuses. I'm overestimating, yes, but I love this game bro, not only for the horny, but for the lore, it's really good and inspiring (and hot, obviously)

So hey i was wondering if anyone has got any idea on how to get some more money in the game, im on my second playthough and i wanted to give me a few million yen to play around with but i cant seem to find any way to change the amount of money in the savegames

If I move the files in "saves" onto the other non-demo version will the progress transfer successfully or are there other files I'd have to move other than the ones in "saves"?

Is 4 still the max strength you can go up to in the non-demo version?

Deleted 26 days ago
Deleted 26 days ago

Can I still update this game in the future?


of course


Just got around to finishing the current version. Sakuya's possesive shift seemed odd, or am i missing something. Thought we would be making her a "star" or something not looking over our shoulders in fear.

Does this game have audio during sexy scenes? Moans and such. It adds so much to the games and I seem to find it hard to find good games with audio like that. Would definitely influence whether or not I buy the game


Yes, not yet for all the scenes, but all the recent ones are dubbed with real actresses


Its hard so find actual art and not free 3d models w creator


Outstanding work. Very high quality stuff, this is turning out to be an excellent game overall.

Do you plan on adding a toggle for letting Asami/Noriko grow pubic hair? Seeing as you're already catering to both preferences by giving the player the option to let Yasuka shave or not, it would be great to see this feature implemented as well for those that prefer it that way.


Hello ,  i have been banned of you're discord because i spammed a link in it , but the thing is its because i've been hacked . I was just wondering if i could get debanned . Thank you for the response .

(2 edits) (+3)

Perhaps... We'll see.

 But for the future, remember that the safety & security of your account - is your own responsibility.

Even though it was a "failed attempt" from spam bot XD, you should care more about these thing in the future.

yes , thank you very much !



Another thing I wonder what happens when we get the amount of Yen for her what happens is there another ending

I only see the option to pay with paypal, can I not just use my card?


Yes sorry this is the new policy of Itch.io, they have stopped some payments for adult content


funny i just payed with chime

Deleted 23 days ago
Deleted 23 days ago

Creator, I really like your work. It's really excellent, an artwork. I've played it no less than ten times, and it exudes a touch of ordinary life. This kind of story that happens in an ordinary Japanese city has given me a great experience. I don't know who made this game in Chinese, but there are many interesting Chinese memes, which are really rare in a international game. I hope I can use Alipay or WeChat payment to support you instead of PayPal.(Sorry, I deleted a few posts because I'm worried about the inappropriate expression LOL)♥ Love  from CN ♥ Your loyal player


why do we pay for each update

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you don't have to. look at your library of purchased games. When it's updated, it should appear there.


it's one time purchased so just pay one time then next update you will get it and don't to need to pay for it again

(only if the game don't get deleted form the website and he upload it again)

kinda too late lmao oh well not like ill get that money back

How many times dude?


like the last three updates

bro can u post the hidden hints map?

Strange, I'm pretty sure I've already posted it here in the comments before, but okay.
Send this as new comment to the game, and I'll reply.

If I pay to download the latest version, will I have to pay for the next version too or am I already considered to have paid for the game?


nope, You can always access the latest files from the library page


Just keep in mind for other games if you buy them while they're on sale you can only access the files of what you spent (if a game is $10 and its on sale for %50 off you'll only be able to access files that require you to spend at least 5 dollars)


This is not true, if there is an issue with that you just have to message Itch.io and give them your e-mail. You can do that by clicking "i already paid for this game"

glad to see this page finally got some updates and new scenes shown


great game, worth my money and i hope you stick with the project, love your work


One of the only pr0n games with actually good, thought-out art. Outstanding work, I'm more invested in the story than I thought I would be.

Deleted 32 days ago

Of course there will be an end to the story, I don't even understand the real meaning of your question.

Deleted 32 days ago

I love men!!!


we know




Hi guys I'm back again I'm the dude who kept asking if this game has NTR anyways great game as always animations are also good great story too really can't wait for asami's mother good job as always RNgeusEX 


nope. no ntr. we don't like ntr. and we don't like the mc as well (cuz he's pussy) 


Is there chinese translation in the latest version?


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