0.6 comming on Friday, December 16

Hi everyone!

It's now time to announce the release date of version 0.6, which will be available for download on Patreon, SubscribeStar, and Itch.io on Friday, December 16th.

Be ready for the Yasuka corruption path.

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Oh, my God, I'm not in a hurry. Can you update 6.0 at 00 a.m.?

Will the older updates be free or no bc I have no problem paying 10$ for the newest update

Oh maaaaaaaan It´s COMING!

Hi how does updating the game on android work. Does downloading 6.0 just automatically update my 5.9 version or do I need to download 6.0 and start from a fresh save?

the update on android is complicated, I think it will be necessary to uninstall the game and reinstall it

So do you know if my save will transfer over to the new version if I uninstall 5.9 and download 6.0 or will it have to be a fresh start. btw I love the game I just reached the end of every path yesterday and I'm excited for this new update.

I'm not sure if Android files works the same way as the PC files but I suggest you find and keep the folder saves located on ExtraLife/game before uninstalling. When you install the game again, paste the folder saves on the same location. Even after that you could encounter errors for using previous save files, but it should be worth trying

go to discord in #patchnotes channel there is a reply of your question

Thanks I saw the post yesterday: )






I bought 5.9 before. Do I have to pay $10 after 6.0 is published?



Woooohooo <3