Goodbye Eternity 0.6.9 available now

Hi everyone, it's finally time for me to offer you the latest version of Goodbye Eternity.

As usual, the 0.6.9 version is a minor version as far as the story is concerned, it brings the final conclusion of Yasuka's corruption path and makes the link with the next future version.

Where the update brings a lot of content is in all the internal features created by Selenyhr to make my work easier, optimize the game, the development time, etc.

Selenyhr is a bit like Batman, he develops in the shadow not for what you want but for what you'll need.

Here is the patch note of this version for those who would not have read it on the discord.

Patchnote 0.6.9

- A few extra stories quests for Yasuka's corruption route, leading to repeatable scenes
- Sound effects for a few animations (also works in the classic version of the game)
- New build options with censored images and animations for the countries that require censors to be applied
- New internal development tools to allow for collaborative translation tools to be used for the game

- Migrated Ren'Py engine version to 8.0.3, which will lead to better performance. Skins made with an earlier version of the engine are still compatible.
- Optimized CGs file sizes

- Several dialogue fixes
- Fixed Asami not taking money from the player in the corruption path if the player had the prerequisite amount
- Improved clouds passing by smoothness in most exterior backgrounds.


GoodbyeEternity-0.6.9-android-animated.apk 834 MB
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86 days ago 814 MB
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Is this a one girl ending or a harem ending?

How to get Noriko head scene?

Which scenes have sound effects?

Also how do I know the game updated properly and I have all the new content?

so i downloaded the new version and the gallery only has the old yasuka scenes unlocked, and in the old version of the game where i had all the scenes unlocked is now empty.

and all the cheat money is gone to


Start a fresh game not a veteran

still the same  

I guess you must be playing on Android, and you removed the previous version without backing up your save. Saves on Android are tied to your install due to the way Android permissions work, so if you uninstall the game you lose your save.

I could have sworn I had more saves in 6.9. Is it possible to transfer the files over? I still have the previous version intact in it's own directory.

Saves should be shared in the appdata folder on Windows, or in the home/.renpy folder for Linux/Mac. But yeah 0.6.2 save files are compatible with 0.6.91, so feel free to transfer files from any of the saves folder :)



I’m Batman.


No new stories yet?


If its not listed in the change log then we'll probably be waiting a few more weeks for it

I see...


I have a question. If i buy the update would i have to buy the next one as well?

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Nope, It's one time purchase, so you will have access to new versions.

Alright thanks for the info. The game is really good btw I played it a while back.

I wonder why I did buy the game 3 times lol

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Lmao, I assume you went to the home page every time and clicked ''Buy now''?  XD - Here you can download updates for games you've already purchased.

When you click ''Buy Now'', but you've already bought the game once, you're technically just sending a donation (System is actually a bit more complicated than that, but I've decided to simplify a little.

you might be right lol