Hi everyone, it's time to give you some news about Extra Life. 

First of all, I would like to announce that Extra Life will never be available on Steam. We did everything we could, the name of the game has been changed, the main plot has been modified in the version I sent them, and areas that did not appear have been created especially for the Steam version and increase the chances of passing the validation.

 Despite all this, it didn't work... 

This news made me a bit depressed but that's how it is... I don't have the power to fight against them, they have the monopoly, and they can do whatever they want. So I'm going to concentrate on what I can do best, which is to continue to develop Extra Life, the name will stay that way, and there will be other opportunities.

 In the meantime, Extra Life will remain exclusive on, SubscribeStar, and Patreon.

 Regarding the development of version 0.6, everything is going as planned, it should arrive in mid-December. Thank you again for your support, in the last few months I have noticed the first drop in revenue on Patreon and I can understand it, the 0.6 version took much longer to develop than expected. I will do my best to improve it for the next updates. 

Version 0.7 will be dedicated to Sakuya and version 0.8 could be the return of Noriko ;) Take care of yourselves

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After reading a bit into the patch notes I am sorry that this game couldn't make it to steam, however, keep up the amazing work and I'll just support you on here. :)


Will the new version have NTR?There will be many people who want to see this kind of drama like me, especially Yasuka's NTR drama


There will never be NTR in this game


thank u

Deleted 178 days ago

thank u+1


Can we get younger Chiaki back now?, Kinda leaves a sour taste knowing your original vision was changed to conform to steams standards but now it doesnt matter anyway.


Attempt to sell it elsewhere, perhaps on GOG?


You should make youre own update Launcher, I think that would be a cool Addition


Since this game is not on steam any more, can we now add lolis? just asking


I don't think chiaki was going to have any sex scenes when she was the younger version. Though, it definitely get my paternal instincts going and makes me want to kick her brothers ass if it went in the abuse direction it looked to be going


I don't know, it was my impression their were going to be sex scenes with younger Chiaki eventually considering the darker tone this game has and the fact their are light and dark routes so to speak. Disappointed that it wasn't going to happen, hopefully that will change again though.

I asked about that a few weeks ago and was told there was never any planned


Sorry to hear. Such set backs are frustrating. Creativity can thrive under constraints, but sometimes things just can't quite get there. thats okay. {:


Could always try GOG the store owned by CDprojektred


Don't beat yourself up over it. I get why it sucks, but its good to finally have closer on this and know whats ahead. I am a big fan so far, so I definitely hope you will keep it up regardless.


Hey, I hope you're not too down about Steam! Your game is great and I don't want my friends knowing when I'm playing Extra Life anyways 馃ぃ Keep going and best of luck!


Steam does not have the spirit of an open platform like they once did; they are quite self righteous now. They actively practice anti-consumer/anti-small business practices now. They only serve and bend to the needs of massively successful publishers. The drop in revenue is likely due to people not being satisfied with seeing you have to compromise your original vision in order to placate a third-party. Alternatively, it could just be the difficult economic times felts around much of Europe and the west. Honestly I was hoping it would work out for you as we need more art, even immoral kinds, to flourish.


So will this mean chiaki will be a child again or are u sticking with the older one with sex scenes?


Chin up champ you have a great game! I would have paid more if I weren't a broke mf.


In that case, the game, story, and all the characters can be as you intended, right?  Sounds like a blessing in disguise.

It really didn't sit right with me to see an innocent minor aged and lewded as a result of idiotic steam guidelines. This is a great opportunity to revert that change along with the others and make the game you wanted to all along.


Yeah cant wait for Noriko content.


Fuck Steam. Garbage platform that's popular. I miss when it was actually thoroughly vetted. Ironic a ton of ass games get through but yours gets rejected.


Steam is so crooked! It's all up to the likes and dislikes of individuals, and no way to fight decisions. 


Yep literal shit about killing jews while playing as a neonazi, killing Democrats and transgenders, jousting with penises but anything remotely anime + sexual nope instant shutdown nowadays even from major Japanese devs.


Sh1t man, so sorry about it. I really hope you get well over this. I will continue to support on itch.

Regarding the loss of revenues, you should open polls to see if people want the game the way it was originally intended, like younger Chiaki back for instance. I bet some people didn't like the change too and they maybe get back to support you there.


Big agree


Facts, aging Chiaki to avoid controversy alienates a lot of people who preferred the younger version as weird as it is.


It honestly just made more sense story wise having her younger don't think it's weird. She wasn't sexualized in the slightest and it makes more sense trying to rescue a minor who you have known for years, that has no control over the shitty situation she is  which really tugs at the heart strings. Versus now a girl your own age who has more outlets for help even if the fear and anxiety is still there. 


does this mean that Chiaki is younger again like in starts of project?

We can only pray 

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