"Extra Life" becomes "GoodBye Eternity"

Hi everyone,

I'm writing this message today to keep you updated with all the latest news about Extra Life.

As I mentioned in my previous post, despite all my goodwill I didn't manage to submit my game on Steam, which made me think a lot.

I didn't realize it but unlike all the other platforms that offer games, Itch.io is one of the few platforms that allows so much creative freedom and for that, I'm really grateful.

Extra Life was not the title I wanted at the beginning, it was something temporary that seemed right. As you may have noticed, the game doesn't have a logo, I went through many artists but nothing ever got me excited.

When I wanted to put my game on Steam the third time, I presented Extra Life under another name, a name more in line with the game itself, a title that has a real meaning.

After a poll that ended this morning, the contributors were unanimous at 80%. Extra Life will now be replaced by "Goodbye Eternity". And this time, I made the logo myself and I'm pretty proud of it :)

I'm aware that this new name will not please everyone but it's a name that I like. Moreover, it won't change anything in the game, I will always do my best to offer you a quality game.

The name change will be effective from the release of version 0.6 which will arrive mid-December.

PS : Important point that could help you to decide, Extra Life shares its name with a charity that raises funds for children's hospitals... It's pretty sad to come across an adult game when you're looking for something that has nothing to do with it

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Good decision, this name is a lot more unique. 


i was confused and surprised at the name change, i initially thought someone hacked but then i dismissed the idea and gave it no further thought. i decided to come to the store page to see whats up, i didn't know it was a temp name, but i like goodbye eternity far more, its a nice creative touch. ive fundraised for extra life before, and i thought it was odd a porn game was called it. glad it wasn't permenent.

either way, can't wait for future updates, its a great game so far and ive quite enjoyed it, in more ways than one.. hehe.

Bravo!!! Great move :D

the logo is sick, great work and goodbye eternity definitely makes the game stand out more can't wait to see what the end result will look like ^_^

New name and logo are epic dude. One of the games I always check to see if it has any updates is this one. Can't wait for the free  version of 0.6.


I'll wait for 0.6 and try the game out then

So Goodbye Eternity will be on steam now!?
Love the logo and the name change also (^o^)
Can't wait for it


Ngl I was hella worried because I thought this was an announcement of the abandonment of the project lmao. Looking forward for the future updates ! 


This is a better name overall, imo. Extra Life was very generic as far as names for a video game go(and as you mentioned, also the name of a charity benefiting children). Goodbye Eternity carries more weight and stands apart more.


Mf is a genius,  He just keeps changing the name of the project so then no one knows if they own it already  and buy again


In this case, I wouldn't have told anyone about the name change ^^', but it would have been diabolical indeed


if you check your library you know if you own it or not, you'd have to be really dumb to not check library first


The new logo it's fantastic.

so i bought this game before the name change, am i still going to be able to download it after the name change


of course not


so he'll need to pay for the game again after the name change?


not at all, the game is yours now


Feels like I came along at just the right spot in development to see all of the really interesting things develop. The logo is great, and captures the feel of the game so far. Really looking forward to seeing how it develops!


The logo is fucking bodacious!

The download link you sent me by email as a gift for buying the game doesn't work, is it normal?


I will send a mail with the right link tomorrow, I can't send mass mails as I want, I have to wait at least 24 hours


Thanks for making this game I'm glad that I bought and glad you're moving on up and making something great even better good luck

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Im unable to use the download, cause there's nothing on Dat page. Any idea wuts wrong?

 I screwed up, I'll send a link tomorrow

For some reason It says the download page is owned by a separate account even though it's only the one account I have, Any ideas on how to fix this?

I don't understand, I tried it just before and it worked, I'll look into it


Funny, I was thinking that the title Extra Life had something to do with Steam not allowing it but I guess not. But no matter the new title is very eye catching and I love the logo, I ain't a contributor yet but it got my vote.

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